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About Us

Utah health insurance – BenefitsManager.net provides services to meet the health insurance needs of a growing businesses in Utah. We are licensed and contracted by only the most reputable name brand carriers to administer and ensure coverage of applicants applying for health insurance policies.  We in turn are contracted by those carriers to service those same policy holders at no additional cost to you. This is a very different arrangement compared to most insurance agencies who are only there to sell you a policy, collect their commission. See our testimonials for proof of this concept.

BenefitsManager.net is unique because we offer as many as 23 insurance plans/quotes at a time and on-going client support which includes claim processing assistance. As our valued client, you’ll appreciate our unbiased approach to insurance quotes for your business — healthy competition means better products and services at lower prices for you.

For New Comers & Policy Holders.

We emphasize satisfaction of your needs in the Utah health insurance field. Our web site easily allows either the client or new higher to evaluate cost and benefit level. Either party can fully analyze and shop for their personal situation in just one trusted place. Consider us the “Best Buy Guide” for health insurance companies.  We work with you, your employees and your underwriter during enrollment, plan utilization and renewal.  With over 24 years of experience in the health insurance market we can provide quality long term affordable health insurance.

 Who We Are

Mike Oliphant –  Field Underwriting and Sales Department Manager.  Founder of BenefitsManager.net.  24 years of experience in the health insurance market place.  To see Mike’s resume <click here>.  Hobbies include camping with his family and volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America.  Mike loves ATV sand dune & trail riding with his sons, reading, youth programs, council & debate on healthcare reform issues.

Ernest Sweat – Has over 27 years of experience in the industry.  Mr. Sweat holds the coveted Certified Employee Benefit Specialist (CEBS) designation and is one of only a handful in the state to carry this.  He served 6 years on the board of the Utah Association of Health Underwriters and was named the 2011 Health Underwriter of the Year.  Served as President of same association.  Ernest has served on several Utah State Insurance committees in design and support of the UTAH HEALTH EXCHANGE development. He has volunteered for many charitable and chamber of commerce organizations and is a former member of the International Foundation of Employee Benefits. Mr. Sweat holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas at Austin.

What Mike does

  1. I Personally service or oversee each and every client issue since day one of  business 24 years ago.
  2.  I don’t delegate.
  3.  I negotiate affordable renewals for your company.  To date, I’ve negotiated 9,846 small group renewals (96% success ratio).
  4. I specialize in partially self-funded medical plans for large employers.

What Ernie does

  1. Same as Mike with additional services.  Services such as dental, disability, accidental injury, disease coverage and management.
  2. Employee Navigator System will be free of charge for your use.  This system allows you to manage your employees benefits, payroll and the many essential HR needs required by employment laws.
  3. Provides many other services of which to name JUST A FEW – COBRA, FMLA, ERISA, SBCs, SPDs, 5500 forms for ACA compliance, HR assistance, HIPAA Privacy and safety guidelines / agreements and packets to satisfy Utah code(s).
  4. Provides sizable and qualified staff to be your personal contact for servicing needs whom always answers your call!

Just a few of the carriers we quote